The company BOHÁČEK - SPORT has been producing sportswear since the year 1995 and nowadays belongs to one of the most reliable suppliers and manufacturers of sportswear for the czech as well as the foreign market.

Our production is mainly focused on jerseys for hockey, soccer, cycling and also rugby, motocross and other sports. Next to these we supply sports underwear and also scarfs, caps, cushions and other fan and advertising articles.

Thanks to our wide range of sortiment, flexibility and quality of work we can fulfill the needs of a demanding client from home as well as from abroad.



The process of production of the goods starts by placing an order with a short
description or a picture, required material and type of print if wanted. In case of using own logos it is highly desirable to provide them in a vector format Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator (file extensions CDR, CMX, AI, EPS, PDF, ...). If these formats are not available, it is necessary to provide pictures of high quality - minimum 300 dpi (file extensions TIFF, JPG, BMP, PNG, ...). A graphic layout is created from this information and it is sent to the customer to be confirmed, next step is then the beginning of production itself.


We also provide a selection of pre-designed layouts in case the customer is interested.
Such a layout can be then customized using a name, number or a logo. A complete design
tailored to the customer needs is taken for granted.





By sublimation of textile fabrics the design is first printed on a special paper by a digital printer, using thermo-sensitive ink. Next step is transferring the ink from the paper to the fabric which happens in a heat press (200 °C, pressure 3 atm). Inside the heat press the ink is evaporated from the paper and as such penetrates deep inside the pores of the fabric. After the temperature is lowered the ink again changes into a solid state resulting in a permanent colourful print of high quality, resistant to abrasion. For these reasons it is only possible to use fabrics which have pores and are heat-stable, such as polyester (PES) and some of its mixtures. It is not possible to use sublimation print for pure cotton and other natural fabrics.


Advantages of sublimation print:

– possibility to choose from many colour shades (PANTONE inker)
– customized design
– resistance against bleaching, fading of colours and multiple washing
– photography-like high quality print



This type of print is being used mainly on natural fabrics such as cotton where it is not
possible to use the sublimation print. The design is first printed on special foils which are afterwards applied to different kinds of fabrics. For plastic transfer printing we are using the newest technologies, the print can be in different sizes and color combinations. We assure perfect elasticity, firmness and stability of colours.