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The underwear is produced from four types of fabric, BODYCOOL, THERMO, 50/50, COTTON, and in different types. Depending on the fabric a sublimation print or embroidery can be used.





  • Type 1 – one-pieced with a zipper, long sleeve, long pants
  • Type 2 – one-pieced with a zipper, short sleeve, short pants
  • Type 3 – two-pieced, long sleeve, long pants
  • Type 4 – two-pieced, short sleeve, short pants

The length of sleeves or pants can be combined.



materiál pro výrobu sportovního dresu

  • 90% polyamid micro, 10% LYCRA
  • Hi-Tech fabric
  • elastic, firm, breathable
  • thermoregulation properties
  • flat seams - higher comfort
  • tried by professional players - PRO UNDERWEAR
  • two cuts - compression and fitted
  • sublimation printing possible



materiál pro výrobu sportovního dresu

  • 100% polypropylen
  • Hi-Tech fabric
  • light and firm fabric with special shape to keep the body dry and moisture on the surface of the fabric
  • thermoregulation properties - cools in summer, warms in winter


Fabric 50/50

materiál pro výrobu sportovního dresu

  • 50% cotton, 50% polyester
  • takes away the moisture from the surface of the body
  • embroidery possible



materiál pro výrobu sportovního dresu

  • 100% cotton
  • embroidery possible



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 person's height
110 110
120 120
130 130
140 140
150 150
S 160
M 170
L 180
XL 190
XXL 200

All measurements are in centimetres.



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